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[news]Choi Si Won on abs and acting career

March 11, 2010

Super Junior member Choi Si Won is starring at SBS TV’s latest drama ‘Oh! My Lady ‘(both written and directing by Park Young-soo) and his abs are shown in the drama. What makes Siwon’s abs look fabulous will be revelead here.

The first broadcast of Oh! My Lady will be on March 22 which flows with the story of a handsome actor which has lousy acting skills and a gentle lady ahjumma which will play the role of the manager of Choi Si Won’s character, Sung Minwoo.

Choi Si Won is mostly known for his amazing abs, muscles, and fit structure. So the main purpose of eating chicken breasts and exercising is revealed by Choi Si Won himself. “I lost eight kilograms during filming because the director said they will be showing my abs, so I lost weight to make my abs look better,” He said.

But even if he is doing the drama weekly, his schedule is still intense. “Well I’ve been in a music group for three years now, but I’m trying to balance acting and singing. Though it’s really hard to even take a nap in one day so I’m listening to advices to some sunbaes and group members.”

He said he also asked his leading lady for some advices Chae Rim. “I asked her about acting, and being the younger one and listening to my seniors doesn’t seem really obvious.” He laughed.

You have to see the newest drama “Oh! My Lady” so you will know more of what these actors are talking about. “We will never let you down and I know that this is going to be a great show.” He said, “Especially now that the warm breath of spring is coming, we give you this show. Please watch!”

Original article: TV Daily
English translation: Diana @
reupload : pattsonelfshaworld13 @

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