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Black Soshi release date is confirmed + SNSD Taeyeon’s waist measurement revealed

March 12, 2010

On March 9th’s episode of KBS 2TV’s Win Win, Taeyeon of SNSD’s waist measurement was revealed!

During the episode, the cast decided to measure their guest Lee Gyu Hyuk’s thigh and compare it to Taeyeon’s waist. Lee Gyu Hyuk, who is a speed skater, had a 24 inch thigh.

Before the measuring began, the cast was speculating that Taeyeon’s waist would be somewhere around 24 inches. When Kim Shin Young went and measured Taeyeon’s waist, MC Kim Seung Woo joked, “Wouldn’t it be like 28-29 inch?” Taeyeon then tried her best to hold her breath, to reduce the measurement.

During the process of measuring, Kim Shin Young was surprised and said, “Who said Taeyeon’s waist was around 24 inches?” to which Taeyeon added, “I am wearing thick clothes.” When Kim Shin Young went for a second try to measure Taeyeon’s waist, she squeezed Taeyeon’s waist to get the measurement of 24 inches.


Black Soshi release date is confirmed~

Most of you would have already have an indication that it would be out next week but it wouldn’t hurt to know the release date.

Earlier today, we revealed that SNSD will be releasing concept pictures of the girls individually, starting with Yuri on the 11th until the 15th through their official website.

Previously, visitors to the website would be greeted by a colorful room scene, with the SNSD girls looking upbeat in their pink cheerleading outfits.

But if you pay a visit now, you will be greeted by the above before it transitions into a trashed up room, with a coming soon date of March 18th. If it doesn’t work as indicated below, try clicking on the monitor lying on the table.

Are you ready for the Black Soshi girls?

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