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[news] SHINee’s “Just Dance” Choreography is Copied?

March 12, 2010

Last year at the KBS Gayo Daejun Special, SHINee danced to Lady Gaga’s Just Dance. The boys had delivered a great performance although many speculates that the choreography was copied. Was it?

For those who did not see the performance or just need to refresh their memories, you can watch the performance below:

Just yesterday, the choreographer of the original dance, Pat Cruz, posted his thoughts about the whole situation. Pat Cruz is a member of The Company and Movement Lifestyle, as well as a dancer himself. In addition, he is a friend of Shaun Evaristo, who has choreographed a few of Big Bang’s songs.

Upon finding out that his choreography was stolen, Pat Cruz posted his response conveying his dismayed and frustrated emotions:

This whole thing kind of boggles my mind. How can the “choreographer” take pride in their work knowing it isn’t really theirs? I mean congrats you copied the choreography dead on, but that’s about all you really did. I bet it would have been easier to come up with simple yet affective two steps for these “talented” dancers than taking the time to learn my routine off of youtube anyway. If you like the choreography that much then why not do it to the song it was intended for? There was a lot of thought put into the movements that directly correlated to the actual song. Now the choreography means nothing at all. I mean sure it gets the job done but it’s just movement now. No meaning, no depth, no substance, just movement. From the looks of things they have a pretty big budget so why not just ask me to do something for the artist. I would be more than happy and being that i am not considered a big name i would have probably been cheaper than anyone else.

In the end there is little to no chance at all of me getting compensation let alone any credit for this. It just sucks that those who take the time, effort and hard work to create can go over looked by artist and labels. In the end we are small fish in their pond and as of now there is little we can do about it. Thank God for Movement Lifestyle…

It really isn’t cool when someone copies your work, especially on something that you’ve put your sweat and tears into. It is understandable that SHINee isn’t to be blamed for this since they just followed the directions that were given to them. However, their choreographer shouldn’t have just blatantly taken someone else work, thinking that they wouldn’t get caught.

Hopefully, in the future, more choreographers for top entertainers will learn to have some integrity and make their own dances or get permission from the original choreographers first before using their dance moves.

If you wanted to see the original dance by Pat Cruz for Rihanna’s Disturbia, you can watch the video below, starting at the 3 minute mark:

Thanks to thesuperfangirl for the tip!
pat cruz’s blog
reupload : pattsonelfshaworld13 @

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