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[news] Why was Sunny crying on Invincible Youth?

March 12, 2010

On a recent filming of KBS Invincible Youth, SNSD’s “aegyo queen” Sunny concentrated on fulfilling her “5 promises to the nation” project.

Her first action was to place a nose ring on her cow named Pureum. After meeting the grandpa from the movie “Cowbell Noise,” the G7 members realized a nose ring was needed to commence Pureum’s coming-of-age ceremony.

The G7 members agreed to spend a long time with Pureum, raising the cow for work rather than for food. After placing its nose ring, the girls revealed their goals in officially training Pureum to make crops.

Sunny, who had 51% ownership of Pureum, showed a special love and affection for the animal when she shed tears while placing the nose ring on the cow.

Be sure to catch this touching episode of Invincible Youth, which will air on the 12th!

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