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[news] Staff SuJu OHP OH! MY E.L.F.!!!

March 13, 2010

2010-03-12 Evening 7:33:00
OH! MY E.L.F.!!!

Hello ~ Have you been live well these days ?

Since this place has been empty for such a long time,,so I’m worry a little bit whether you guys Suju admirers have been live well or not,,
There is none of our blue ones[1] who dropped out so it has confirmed the belief of Suju admirers,,
and because of that strong belief today I slightly write this~

Hoping that you can spend a nice weekend
so I has selected the photos very carefully and come to visit you guys. ^^

When the New Year Eve’s bell was ringing ding ding ding~ to let everybody know that it’s been New Year
The very first person that came to mind~ by instinct you will remember (this person) once you see the pink color or yellow pumpkin
Our Syeong~ee[2] who always get 10 points at aegyo[3] has turned 25 years old ?

Although I can’t always be next and say congratulation to him,,but on that day Sungmin got a cake
he was so happy and being cute like this..hohot ^0^

Recently he has been very busy appearing here and there coming and go to this place and that place,,
Once this long trip is over, before too late how about joining in a trip all around Korea with Sungmin? ^^

The image will come to mind when hearing the word Mak.nae[4]…the beloved child? Aegyo? NO,,NO~
Do all of you know Super Junior’s maknae who is very chic and full of charm ?
Saying the word Maknae On Top this is the leader of all the Maknae On Top ChicKyu~

On Febuary 3rd, that’s Kyuhyun who was holding his 23rd birthday cake with a satisfied smile
and a leader-like pose,,the sweet voice in the drama Pasta,,
it’s absolutely this person..^,,= ㅋㅋㅋ

In order to be able to having good filming times with all the fans
putting more effort in every and each filming time it’s really the ha~nd~some Choi actor~

Now let’s look forward to every Mon.Tue’s night to have a good time
with chocolate abs ‘Sung Minwoo’ of ‘Oh ! My lady’.. ^////^

It will be aired begin from 22nd on Mon,Tue’s 9PM because of the news’ short delay, who watch it will be the little fairies !!!
The news will be delayed for a short moment on that day,,because they try to replace the midnight news with the morning news~
Aja Aja!!

This is the picture that you can see everyone,,this is my version so perhaps that’s why it’s different..ㅎㅎ
The group picture and Choi actor’s individual enlarged shot,,and once more!! I give you the individual option shot~

Ah~ My eyes are blinded by your shine~ No No No No No ~~[5]
From now on you can see and watch every movement of this cool Choi actor through SBS Oh! My lady official homepage
please always come to visit it and leave many support comments there~

Well so either it’s a long or short entry when it’s come to an end,,I just dont know how to finish it.
So have a nice weekend, everybody must not cheat[6] until the next time we meet~ please let’s give Super Junior a lot more of love ~
Please promise to do it~ so good bye…

Always thank you everybody. ^^

[1] ELF
[2] Sungmin’s nickname
[3] doing cute things
[4] the youngest in the group
[5] Gee’s lyrics
[6] it means you dont drop out/leave Suju fandom and follow another artist

Source : Super Junior official homepage
Translated by
thanks Himawari22 for the shout out
reupload : pattsonelfshaworld13 @

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  1. 슈퍼주니어 permalink
    March 27, 2010 12:43 am


    난 항상 ~ 영원 13 ~ 난 널 사랑해 ~ 당신을 지원합니다


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