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[news] Super Junior Leeteuk and Taeyeon SNSD are now dating?

March 13, 2010

According to the “know-it-all” netizens, the answer is yes.

So what’s all the random Lee Teuk & Taeyeon hype about? It turns out that the two idol stars were apparently caught wearing a same necklace, resulting in numerous speculations of their mystery relationship. (Taecyeon & YoonA anyone?)

Of course, this can just be a mere coincidence, possibly caused by being in the same company with same stylists who provide them such accessories. But again, the fact that the two both belong in the same company supports their relationship at the same time.

The netizens expressed,

“They look so good together.”
“The power of the netizens… amazing.”
“I hope they are not dating. Taeyeon’s mine.”
“Stupid… It’s just a coincidence.”

So you be the judge – is there really something fishy between them, or is this just another act of netizens that is unworthy of your attention?

kyaa I love this news ^^

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