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[news] Tweet Shindong tanggal 28 Maret

March 28, 2010

1. ㅎㅎ태국! 베트남!! 다녀왔습니다!! 휴휴휴 힘든디용 ㅎㅎ
4:37 AM Mar 28th via Tweetie

Thailand!! Vietnam!! I’m home!! Whoo (x3) Im tireddd * ㅎㅎ

*he said it in cute way.
Thailand!! Vietnam!! Aku sudah di rumah!! Whoo (x3) aku capek

2. [맞팔율계산기] 제 맞팔율은 0.1% 입니다.
4:54 AM Mar 28th via twitaddons

[counter-follower calculator] my counter follower percentage is 0.1%

[counter-follower calculator] penghitung pengikutku hanya 0.1%

credit : Shindong’s Twitter
english translate : myystiqquen at twelfs
indo translate : patteukie13lue
please take out with full credit and do not add your own.. thanks..^^

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