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Sungmin Cyworld Entry 100415

April 15, 2010

Eng-Sub :

2010.04.15 02:05

Jongseokie-hyung*..have a nice trip~

and drive carefully!!^^

Although the condition was not good but I’m still grateful for today~!!^^

Next Friday let’s fighting Ah-ja!!

Let’s live enthusiastically..!!

* Jongseok is SJ’s current trainer

Credits: 이성민 미니홈피
translated by
thanks Excentrique for the shout out
may take out with full credits

Indo-Sub :

2010.04.15 02:05

Jongseokie-hyung*.. semoga perjalananmu menyenangkan~

dan menyetir dengan hati-hati!! ^^

Meskipun keadaan sedang tidak baik hari ini aku masih tetap bersemangat~!! ^^

Hari Jumat berikutnya ayo berjuang Ah-Ja!!

Hidup dengan semangay dan antusiasme!!

indo trans by patteukie

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