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{NEWS} Cinderella’s Sister OST, Yesung’s Popularity Explodes with “It Has to be You”

April 16, 2010

Famous Boy group Super Junior member Yesung had earned explosive reactions through the song he recorded for KBS 2TV melodrama “Cinderella’s Sister” OST, “It Has to be You”.

“It Has to be You” claimed the 1st place under the ringtone section for the SK telecomm chart(using the 13th April as the standard). Especially when “It Has to be You” occupied the first place when it was under the condition where many big stars were having their comebacks in the music industry.

Popular song “It Has to be You” is a song which describes the unfaltering love a man has for the woman he loves. Super Junior Yesung’s melancholy and low voice adds on to the main characters’ real emotions in the drama which makes it easier to attract those drama and music lovers.

For the MV of “Cinderella’s Sister”, the love story of the 4 main characters along with the astonishing view and the attractive music, the well-balanced MV had brought in lots of positive comments from the audience. The popularity of “It Has to be You” is expected to rise continuously.

At the same time, Yesung’s “It Has to be You” has caused more sadness to the atmosphere of the drama. In the 5th episode of “Cinderella Sister” which was broadcasted on the 14th had a rating of 19.7% for the National TNS ratings which claimed the 1st place amongst the other melodramas and it will most likely to maintain this trend.

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