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Actor Jo Minki interested with Sungmin after watching Hong Gildong

April 17, 2010

Indo-Sub :

As we known, aktor Jo Minki tertarik dengan Sungmin Super Junior. Jo Minki punya rencana akan nonton Hong Gil Dong di Seoul Olympic Park Woori Art Hall pada tanggal 16 April lalu. Dia ditemani anak gadisnya yang salah seorang Sungmin fans untuk nonton acara ini. Dulu anak gadis Jo Minki melihat Sungmin di “Oppa’s Band” dan kayaknya dia jatuh cinta~ kkk~ dan juga Jo Minki membuat surprise bahwa dia akan datang di press conference “Oppa’s Band” yang menunjukkan bahwa dia juga salah seorang fans Sungmin dan akan menyempatkan waktu untuk nonton konser SJ supaya tau perkembangan generasi muda ini ^^

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Eng-Sub :

It has been known that actor Jo Minki has shown his interest in Super Junior Sungmin. Jo Minki has planned to go to Seoul Olympic Park Woori Art Hall to watch Sungmin’s musical “Hong Gildong” on April 16th. On that day, he has accompanied his daughter who is a fan of Sungmin to watch the musical. Thanks to Jo Minki’s daughter that last year he was a regular viewer of MBC “Oppa band”, a show that Sungmin was fixed cast. Also last year Jo Minki had made a surprising appearance at “Oppa band” press conference which showed that he is Sungmin’s fan and revealed that he watched Super Junior’s concert sometimes to understand more about the young generation’s culture.

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