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Super Junior Officials Sites & Account

ღ Super Junior SM Entertaiment Official site / account

~SM Entertainment, SM TOWN
~SM Entertainment, Youtube Channel
~Super Junior, SM Entertainment
~Super Junior, Avex Taiwan
~Super Junior, Avex Japan
~Super Junior, E.L.F. Japan

ღSuper Junior Subs Units Official site

~Super Junior T, SM
~Super Junior M, SM
~Super Junior M, Avex Taiwan
~Super Junior M Official Blog, Sohu
~Super Junior Happy, SM


~Super Junior Kiss The Radio
~Super Junior Kiss The Radio – cyworld
~Sim Sim Tapa Radio
~Kim Heechul
~Lee Sungmin
~Choi Siwon
~Kim Kibum

ღSuper Junior members official Cyworld Account

~Leeteuk (registered name: 박정수)

~Heechul (registered name: 김희철)

~Han Geng (registered name: 韩庚) (Chinese)

~Han Geng (registered name: 한경) (Korean)

~Yesung (registered name: 김종운)

~Shindong (registered name: 신동)

~Sungmin (registered name: 이성민)

~Eunhyuk (registered name: 이혁재)

~Donghae (registered name: 김향숙)

~Donghae (registered name: 이동해)

~Kyuhyun (registered name: 조규현)

~Ryeowook (registered name: 려욱)

ღSuper Junior members official Facebook account

~Henry Lau

ღSuper Junior Official Fancafes

~Super Junior1
~Super Junior2
~Super Junior Leeteuk
~Super Junior Heechul
~Super Junior Hangeng
~Super Junior Yesung
~Super Junior Kang-in
~Super Junior Shindong
~Super Junior Sungmin
~Super Junior Eunhyuk
~Super Junior Donghae
~Super Junior Siwon
~Super Junior Ryeowook
~Super Junior Ki Bum
~Super Junior Kyuhyun

ღSuper Junior members baidu bar

~Super Junior
~Super Junior K.R.Y.
~Super Junior T
~Super Junior M
~Super Junior Happy
~Han Geng
~Zhou Mi

~Henry Lau

ღSuper Junior members official Twitters
@hyukjaefan ( still don’t know it’s official Eunhyuk or not )

Full credits : SJ-WORLD.NET
reup : pattsonelfshaworld13 ( )

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